KITATRI Company increases works volumes and invites new clients for cooperation!

Dear ladies and gentlemen!

We are grateful for your interest to our company.

The KITATRI geodetic company is an innovative company at the market of geodesic works and land management.

At this stage, our company is engaged in geodesic works and land management.



Our land management company was started in 2007, and despite of the youth it has already been acknowledged at the land market.

The staff of our geodetic company consists of the most experienced experts in field of geodesic works and land management, obtained education in the leading specialized high schools of the country, such as the State University on Land management and the Moscow State University of Geodesy and Cartography.

We carry out works with modern geodetic equipment. The cameral treatment is made with the newest computer hardware and software. 

The KITATRI geodetic company guarantees high quality of all kinds of surveying in geodesic works.

The professional approach to work, modern technologies, respect for a client, readiness to take on addressing any client's problem - all this allows the company to get new constant clients.

We value our reputation of a reliable, responsible and flexible partner, ready to offer its client the most effective decision in geodesy.

Faithfully yours,

The KITATRI geodetic company

We are glad to cooperate with you.

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